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Take Care of Your Printer Cartridge With These Ways

A printer will certainly not be able to run without ink or a cartridge that will help you print important documents or photos that you need. For that, make sure you have quality ink to get maximum printer output. In fact, you can also use cheap Epson ink cartridges in order to get the maximum print results and according to your needs.

Unfortunately, the cartridges on the printer are also often damaged due to several causes that you don’t realize. For that, caring for printer cartridges is as important as maintaining the printer itself. Some ways to treat printer cartridges that you should know are

1. The simple thing that we often ignore is to let our printer go unused for a long time. This can lead to clogged cartridges so it would be better if we heat up or turn on the printer for a few minutes even if it is not to be used.

2. To avoid more rapid damage to the cartridge we must also adjust the number of pages to be printed. Print in not too much, not more than 50 sheets per print (less is better) and don’t forget to give a time lag.

3. Charging ink will also affect the resilience of the cartridge, according to experience, the printer modified by the infusion system is faster than the standard charging. So the best way to refill ink is to use the charging system recommended by the printer manufacturer.

4. To maintain the printer as a whole we should take care of our printer. We also have to use the printer in a good way so that it can reduce the risk of damage that is not yet time.

In some of the ways above, you don’t need to spend money on dealing with printers or printer cartridges that are damaged due to causes that you don’t realize. make sure some of the tips above do so that no problems occur.

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