Replacement Printer Ink Cartridges

Know What Are the Causes of Damaged Cartridge

A printer does require good quality ink and cartridge so that the printout of the printer is also maximum. If you need good printer ink, make sure the ink you choose is in accordance with the needs of the printer. Maybe, you will also need a replacement printer ink cartridges so that the ink can come out smoothly and not hinder the print process that you are doing.

Unfortunately, the cartridge in a printer can also be damaged and even often damaged due to improper use of the printer. To avoid this from happening to you, then consider what causes the cartridge in a printer to be easily damaged. Some of the causes are

1. Leave the printer shortly after use
Printers that have been used and then left idle for a long time will potentially experience various damage. One of them is damage to the cartridge where ink freezes occur at the end of the cartridge pen. So don’t be surprised if we save our printer for a long time and when it is used the printer cannot print.

2. Incorrect use of the printer
The second problem that can trigger a cartridge is quickly damaged is our wrong treatment when printing. For example, we print too much in one printing command, which is once printed hundreds of pages at a time. If we print too many pages, what happens is that the cartridge eyes will overheat, which can result in severe permanent blockages.

3. Incorrect ink filling
Incorrect ink filling will result in damage to the cartridge due to air pressure which can exceed the limit so the cartridge will break down. Besides that, we also have to be really alert when we find out when printing suddenly the ink runs out. When something like that happens we should immediately cancel the printing and immediately fill the printer ink. make sure you choose quality ink to avoid damage to the printer cartridge.

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